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November 13, 2012

Benefits of online marketing

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Today almost every computer comes with an Internet connection. When you browse the Internet, you see Google ads everywhere. You see both small and online businesses marketing their products online. If you are in-charge of marketing, you can immensely benefit by going online. In this article, I have tried to list the major benefits.

  1. Reduced cost: Placing an ad on the Internet is very cheap in comparison to placing an ad in traditional media such as newspapers, television, radio, or yellow pages. In the starting phase, you can go for pay-per-click advertising where you have to pay only when the user clicks the ad.
  2. Convenience: Online marketing enables you to market your products round the clock in any part of the world. There is no need to keep your outlet open 24 hours. In addition, there is no need to open your outlet everywhere.
  3. Measurable: It is very difficult to measure the return on investment (ROI) when you market your products in newspaper, television, radio, or yellow pages. However, when you market your products online, you can use a free analytics tool such as Google Analytics to easily measure ROI. You get to know about growth in traffic, leads, and conversions.
  4. Demographic targeting: When you place your ad in newspaper, television, or radio, it reaches to even those who have no interest in your product. When you market online, you can target consumers most likely to buy your product. These could be segmented based on location, gender, age, occupation, and income levels.
  5. Instant changes: When you opt for online marketing, you get to know in real-time whether your marketing campaign is having a positive effect. If it is not working positively, you can make changes instantly.
  6. Brand engagement: It is imperative to create a positive image of your brand if you want to attract and retain your prospects and customers. A Web site which is regularly updated and contains clear and concise content creates a positive brand image.
  7. FAQs and blogs: You know the common questions your customers will be having in their minds. You can then write FAQs or blogs that answers those questions. This helps in removing doubts from minds of the customers.
  8. Social media: Now people are getting addicted to social media Web sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Social media works like a big chain of connected people. There is ample scope to market your products in these social media. Within few weeks of entering social media, you can have a community of interconnected customers who like your product and will keep on spreading good words about your products online.
  9. More product information: You can convert your printed brochures into online data sheets that tell everything about your product. You can also provide user reviews and opinions from industry experts. This helps in winning the trust of customers.
  10. Less intrusive: When consumers read newspapers or watch television, they are most likely to abstain from advertisements. These act as distracters from main content. However, with online tool such as Google Adwords, consumers get to see only the advertisements related to the content they are reading. This entices them to click the online ad and read about your product.

November 5, 2012

Mobile apps and online businesses

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Mobile application or mobile app in short is a piece of software that can be downloaded on a smartphone. Most of these apps are available free of cost. More and more online businesses are now providing mobile apps.

These mobile apps offer many advantages to the online business.

  1. Today, people are buying smartphones and hand-held devices instead of computers. Almost everyone seems to be hooked on to a smartphone. Thus providing a mobile app helps an online business in reaching more subscribers.
  2. Mobile apps are light-weight and occupy very less memory. These get downloaded in seconds. So subscribers feel happy in downloading these tiny apps.
  3. Mobile apps are available 24×7. Subscriber can use it anytime, anywhere.
  4. With a mobile app, an online business opens a two-way communication channel with its prospective customers. Both can communicate with each other.
  5. Online businesses can use mobile apps to showcase and promote their products. This helps in converting prospective customers to loyal customers.
  6. With mobile apps, online businesses can provide many payment options. Customers can pay by credit cards, debit cards, or netbanking. All transactions take place electronically in seconds.
  7. With mobile apps, customers can get after-sales support on smartphones. Customer does not have to go to the store. Online chat comes handy. This helps in retaining customers.
  8. Online businesses can track the spending behavior of their customers through mobile apps. Thus an online business can display only those products that fit the budget of their customers.
  9. With mobile apps, online businesses can send periodic updates about their products. These are usually sent as SMSes. Customers can go through the SMSes whenever they get time.
  10. Mobile apps do not bind the customers. Whenever the customer feels cheated or is dissatisfied, he or she can uninstall the app with ease.

To summarize, mobile apps help online businesses in getting new customers as well as retaining them. Customers of today are mobile savvy and online businesses will have to provide mobile apps to stay in competition.

October 27, 2012

How is 4G different?

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Since the launch of 3G, we are making full use of its offerings. We are indulging in video chats, watching live videos, engaging in multimedia conversations, and doing high-speed data transfers. Today, with 3G, even a large file gets uploaded within seconds.

Technology changes very rapidly and the 4G has also entered the market. So, how is 4G different from 3G?

4G is a move over 3G. 3G provides data throughput rate of up to 3.1 Mbps. 4G is supposed to provide data throughput rates in the range of 100 to 300 Mbps. However, different mobile carriers are having different implementations of 4G. So, you may not get a higher speed in the initial phase.

3G uses both packet switching and circuit switching. The big disadvantage of circuit switching is that all resources are occupied when the circuit gets set up. On the other hand, packet switching takes up resources only when data is to be set up. 4G is only going to use packet switching. This is going to result in more efficient utilization of resources.

You will need to buy a new phone for using 4G. 4G phones are definitely going to be more expensive. So, read user reviews and consult experts before buying a 4G phone.

October 21, 2012

Thrill, Adventure, and much more at amusement parks

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Going to an amusement park is a great way to experience thrill and adventure. Few months back, I got an opportunity to visit World of Wonders, an amusement park. This amusement park is located on the backside of The Great India Place, the heart of Noida, India. World of Wonders has numerous joyrides both for kids and adults. However, being an adult, I will write only about adult joyrides.

The first ride I took has slanted seats with groups of two seats facing each other. Just by looking at the ride, I was feeling excited. I sat on one seat and fastened the seat belt. My companion took the opposite seat. Other seats soon got filled. The ride took many twists and turns at a very high pace. I and my companion would have fallen on each other if we had not fastened the seat belts. Thank God, the ride stopped after 3 minutes. My adrenaline was rushing high and my whole body was shaking. I took rest for 5 minutes.

My next ride looked like a rocket! There were 12 big horizontal seats. After sitting on one of the seats, I secured myself with a harness. The ride went slowly and slowly up to its peak height. The height was so much that, from the top, the things at the bottom looked like match sticks. After few seconds, the ride went down at a very fast pace. I was terrified. However, this was a great way to experience gravity. This slow upward movement and fast downward movement happened 3-4 times. Then the ride went slowly and slowly down to the surface and it stopped. All of a sudden, I yelled the word “Yahoo.”

I had not eaten anything since morning. So it was time to try some snacks. Every item was expensive but everything for the sake of filling empty stomach. I bought a big packet of popcorn and a cola. The popcorn was crisp and I enjoyed every bite of them.

Next, I decided to try the familiar looking “Appu Columbus”. It was an opportunity for more adventure and I grabbed the topmost seat. The ride went like a pendulum. Everything seemed okay when the ride climbed down. The real thrill was when the ride climbed upwards. I could feel the immense height and my excitement increased. The horror element was also there and the only way to escape from it was to close both eyes.

Next, I sat on a newly introduced ride. This ride has 10 seats and everyone has to put on a sturdy harness. Before starting the ride, a crew member came to every seat and checked whether the harness was secured tightly. Initially, the ride looked boring. It just took few turns left and right at a small pace. However, everything changed later. The ride went high up in the air and then took a stark 90 degree turn. I was forced to see the ground underneath and nothing else. There was so much gravitational pull that only the seatbelt saved me. Then the ride took 180 degrees turn. Wow! It was the most challenging ride.

“Bumping Cars” ride was also there and I could not resist driving the small car. This car had everything that a normal car has: steering, brake pedal, and accelerator. I wanted to avoid hitting other cars. However, that never happened. I bumped on to so many cars. However, the good thing is that there were no accusations or fighting among each other. Everyone enjoyed being hit. I took this ride at least 5 times.

I saw a small white battery operated vehicle going at a moderate pace. I climbed it cautiously. The vehicle took me all around the amusement park. I considered myself royal and praised the almighty.

I took many rides later. However, I am not going to write about them here. I want you to yourself visit this magnificent park and enjoy all the rides. You will surely experience immense thrill and adventure.

September 17, 2012

TravelTrendz – A way to travel

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One channel that is catching the attention of travellers is TravelTrendz. It is the first Indian travel channel. The best part about TravelTrendz is that it is free to air. So make sure to watch this along with your favourites, Fox Traveller and TLC.

On this channel you can watch visits to destinations, weekend getaways, visits to monuments, religious trips, and so on. Not only travel, this channel has adequate garnishing of culture, dining and eating, history and technology. The programmes on TravelTrendz cover not only India but the entire world and space. All programmes have English subtitles.

I have watched many programs on this channel. “Humayun Tomb” programme, telecasted few days back, was quite different. It started from Humayun Tomb and then covered also all the masjids, gardens, and other monuments in vicinity.

People watch marathon during Olympic Games and World Cups. However, I was surprised to watch a marathon on TravelTrendz. In this marathon, players run for several days. It takes place every year in Morocco. During daytime, players run for 60 km or so in deserts. After every 10 km, they get only one bottle of water. In the night, they have to sleep in tents that have no coolers. This is the world’s toughest marathon. Yeah!

The best things to watch on this channel are shows by travel jockeys (TJs). TJ??? Yeah, this channel uses the acronym TJ. You feel like going to travel along with a jockey. So this gives you first person experience. Few days back, I was watching the visit to Shimla by a toy train. I felt like taking the marvellous ride while sitting at home. Awesome, isn’t it?

I am watching this channel on Videocon d2h. You may also be getting this channel on your TV. Just go through the complete channel list. In case you do not find this channel, ask your DTH operator/cable operator to provide this one.

September 8, 2011

My Trip to Kasauli

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Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, India is a serene and quiet green place located in the foothills of Shivalik Himalayas. Although not as popular as Shimla, Kasauli is easily accessible. It is approximately 330 km from Delhi, the capital of India. For reaching there, you have to keep driving north from Kalka until you reach Dharampura. Take the first left turn from Dharampura to start the ascent up the hills.

My journey to Kasauli started from Chandigarh. Upon reaching Dharampura, I took a minibus. The minibus started only when it was full of passengers. But the cool weather uphill was a welcome relief. The first stop was at Sanawar. Sanawar has a very popular boarding school set up in the 19th century. I wanted to visit this school but skipped due to time constraints. In an hour, after 2 or 3 more steps, I reached the heart of Kasauli, the Mall Road.

After getting down from the bus, I was hungry and took a quick bite of samosas and the much needed “chai”. There were so many roadside shops selling wooden and handicrafts items. Instead of spoiling my journey by negotiating with them, I went to a fixed price store and bought a waist belt.

Now, with sturdy belt on my waist, it was time to take up the 4 km trek to the highest point of Kasauli. Initially, it was taxing on my legs. But, gradually, with more people joining the fun at regular intervals, it started getting easier. At one spot, I bought salty chanas and fed the wild dogs. The wild dogs tried to scare me after eating but I did not budge 🙂

After an hour and a quarter, I reached the highest point in Kasauli. The view and the charm of cool breeze were awesome. I could feel every part of my body being pampered by fresh oxygen. I asked a local resident to take my snaps. He was happy to oblige. The descent was easy. It was getting dark, and I had to go back to Chandigarh. The view of the small lights twinkling amongst the Kasauli hills made my return journey awesome.

Kasauli Travel Guide
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May 25, 2011

How a Thin Polythene Bag Ruined My Sleep

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Lesson Learned

Thin polythene bags (thailis or pannis in local language) are banned all over the country. Still you will find people asking for polythene bags and shopkeepers obliging and handing over goods in polybags with glee. As a customer, I also did this and got an experience of a lifetime.

Below is a true incident after which I vowed to never mess with polythene bag.

Yesterday, at around noon, I went to the nearby shop, asked the shopkeeper to give me 2 packs of my fav biscuits, and put them inside a polythene bag. Came back to home, took out the biscuits and kept them in a wardrobe, and unknowingly threw the polythene on the floor. At night, I went down to sleep on my comfortable bed. It was drizzling. Thirty minutes passed and no sleep. I was constantly hearing the sound of something slowly moving. That was distracting my brain and ruining my sleep. Another thirty minutes passed. That was still troubling my cranial nerves. I blamed the drizzle and lay on bed promising to take my mind away from that something and get sleep. However, another thirty minutes passed, and I couldn’t get the much needed sleep. Drizzle has stopped altogether, and blaming the drizzle was a wrong decision. I decided enough is enough and I must eliminate the source of this disturbing sound.

I opened my ears like a cat and moved all around the room to zero in to the sound source. There were two wardrobes in parallel. My ears told me that the sound was coming from the right one. I opened it slowly and found that there was nothing moving. I closed it feeling unhappy. There was no point in checking the left one because my ears were pointing to the right one only. Okay, if not front side of the right wardrobe, lemme check the rear. I peeped into the back side. Yeah, there it was! My culprit! The thin polythene bag bouncing up and down in quick succession. The polythene seems to be in very high spirits in the night, but I was losing my precious sleep.

I blamed myself for demanding polythene, but I must do something to get my sleep. I quickly picked up a broom from the verandah, bent down, and picked up the polythene bag. Without thinking for a moment, I dumped it in the garbage bin. Such an innocent polythene and so much damage, I wondered.

May 19, 2011

Wireless mobile charging

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Mobile phones have made our life truly mobile. Because these are tiny and don’t have any dangling wires, we can carry it in our pockets and communicate anywhere.

However, the mobile charging process defeats the very purpose of going wireless. This charger consists of has a dangling wire. You need to insert this dangling wire to the charging pin of your mobile and the charger plug to the electric supply.

Mobile phone charger, as it exists now, has three major disadvantages:

  1. The charger wire is thin. This makes it brittle and prone to entanglement. In fact, the charger wires last for a few months.
  2. The charger wire is small. Its length varies from 2 ft to 5 ft. If you are in a public place or traveling, you have to stand near the electricity point and check repeatedly for the fully charged status. This is frustrating.
  3. The mobile chargers differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you have a Nokia phone, your spouse has LG, and your kid has Samsung, you need to have three separate chargers. You cannot charge a LG from a Nokia or Samsung charger. Worse, chargers are different for different models from the same manufacturer. You can’t use a Nokia C5 charger to charge Nokia 1100.

Some forward-thinking companies have come up with a wireless charging device. They call it charger pad. The charger pad utilizes the long-discovered principle of electromagnetic induction. It has two components, mat and casing. That’s it! No wires.

Here’s what you need to do to charge your phone:

  1. Turn on the power supply.
    Skip this step for public places where it is always on.
  2. Insert the mobile in the casing.
  3. Place the mobile on the mat. That’s it.

Another big advantage of this charging pad is that you can place as many as 4 mobiles on the mat. It supports mobile phones of all leading manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Palm Pre, HTC, and Apple.

Right now, these wireless charging devices are expensive and are available only in the most developed nations including United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Finland.

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