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May 19, 2011

Wireless mobile charging

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Mobile phones have made our life truly mobile. Because these are tiny and don’t have any dangling wires, we can carry it in our pockets and communicate anywhere.

However, the mobile charging process defeats the very purpose of going wireless. This charger consists of has a dangling wire. You need to insert this dangling wire to the charging pin of your mobile and the charger plug to the electric supply.

Mobile phone charger, as it exists now, has three major disadvantages:

  1. The charger wire is thin. This makes it brittle and prone to entanglement. In fact, the charger wires last for a few months.
  2. The charger wire is small. Its length varies from 2 ft to 5 ft. If you are in a public place or traveling, you have to stand near the electricity point and check repeatedly for the fully charged status. This is frustrating.
  3. The mobile chargers differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you have a Nokia phone, your spouse has LG, and your kid has Samsung, you need to have three separate chargers. You cannot charge a LG from a Nokia or Samsung charger. Worse, chargers are different for different models from the same manufacturer. You can’t use a Nokia C5 charger to charge Nokia 1100.

Some forward-thinking companies have come up with a wireless charging device. They call it charger pad. The charger pad utilizes the long-discovered principle of electromagnetic induction. It has two components, mat and casing. That’s it! No wires.

Here’s what you need to do to charge your phone:

  1. Turn on the power supply.
    Skip this step for public places where it is always on.
  2. Insert the mobile in the casing.
  3. Place the mobile on the mat. That’s it.

Another big advantage of this charging pad is that you can place as many as 4 mobiles on the mat. It supports mobile phones of all leading manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Palm Pre, HTC, and Apple.

Right now, these wireless charging devices are expensive and are available only in the most developed nations including United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Finland.


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