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May 25, 2011

How a Thin Polythene Bag Ruined My Sleep

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Lesson Learned

Thin polythene bags (thailis or pannis in local language) are banned all over the country. Still you will find people asking for polythene bags and shopkeepers obliging and handing over goods in polybags with glee. As a customer, I also did this and got an experience of a lifetime.

Below is a true incident after which I vowed to never mess with polythene bag.

Yesterday, at around noon, I went to the nearby shop, asked the shopkeeper to give me 2 packs of my fav biscuits, and put them inside a polythene bag. Came back to home, took out the biscuits and kept them in a wardrobe, and unknowingly threw the polythene on the floor. At night, I went down to sleep on my comfortable bed. It was drizzling. Thirty minutes passed and no sleep. I was constantly hearing the sound of something slowly moving. That was distracting my brain and ruining my sleep. Another thirty minutes passed. That was still troubling my cranial nerves. I blamed the drizzle and lay on bed promising to take my mind away from that something and get sleep. However, another thirty minutes passed, and I couldn’t get the much needed sleep. Drizzle has stopped altogether, and blaming the drizzle was a wrong decision. I decided enough is enough and I must eliminate the source of this disturbing sound.

I opened my ears like a cat and moved all around the room to zero in to the sound source. There were two wardrobes in parallel. My ears told me that the sound was coming from the right one. I opened it slowly and found that there was nothing moving. I closed it feeling unhappy. There was no point in checking the left one because my ears were pointing to the right one only. Okay, if not front side of the right wardrobe, lemme check the rear. I peeped into the back side. Yeah, there it was! My culprit! The thin polythene bag bouncing up and down in quick succession. The polythene seems to be in very high spirits in the night, but I was losing my precious sleep.

I blamed myself for demanding polythene, but I must do something to get my sleep. I quickly picked up a broom from the verandah, bent down, and picked up the polythene bag. Without thinking for a moment, I dumped it in the garbage bin. Such an innocent polythene and so much damage, I wondered.


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