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October 21, 2012

Thrill, Adventure, and much more at amusement parks

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Going to an amusement park is a great way to experience thrill and adventure. Few months back, I got an opportunity to visit World of Wonders, an amusement park. This amusement park is located on the backside of The Great India Place, the heart of Noida, India. World of Wonders has numerous joyrides both for kids and adults. However, being an adult, I will write only about adult joyrides.

The first ride I took has slanted seats with groups of two seats facing each other. Just by looking at the ride, I was feeling excited. I sat on one seat and fastened the seat belt. My companion took the opposite seat. Other seats soon got filled. The ride took many twists and turns at a very high pace. I and my companion would have fallen on each other if we had not fastened the seat belts. Thank God, the ride stopped after 3 minutes. My adrenaline was rushing high and my whole body was shaking. I took rest for 5 minutes.

My next ride looked like a rocket! There were 12 big horizontal seats. After sitting on one of the seats, I secured myself with a harness. The ride went slowly and slowly up to its peak height. The height was so much that, from the top, the things at the bottom looked like match sticks. After few seconds, the ride went down at a very fast pace. I was terrified. However, this was a great way to experience gravity. This slow upward movement and fast downward movement happened 3-4 times. Then the ride went slowly and slowly down to the surface and it stopped. All of a sudden, I yelled the word “Yahoo.”

I had not eaten anything since morning. So it was time to try some snacks. Every item was expensive but everything for the sake of filling empty stomach. I bought a big packet of popcorn and a cola. The popcorn was crisp and I enjoyed every bite of them.

Next, I decided to try the familiar looking “Appu Columbus”. It was an opportunity for more adventure and I grabbed the topmost seat. The ride went like a pendulum. Everything seemed okay when the ride climbed down. The real thrill was when the ride climbed upwards. I could feel the immense height and my excitement increased. The horror element was also there and the only way to escape from it was to close both eyes.

Next, I sat on a newly introduced ride. This ride has 10 seats and everyone has to put on a sturdy harness. Before starting the ride, a crew member came to every seat and checked whether the harness was secured tightly. Initially, the ride looked boring. It just took few turns left and right at a small pace. However, everything changed later. The ride went high up in the air and then took a stark 90 degree turn. I was forced to see the ground underneath and nothing else. There was so much gravitational pull that only the seatbelt saved me. Then the ride took 180 degrees turn. Wow! It was the most challenging ride.

“Bumping Cars” ride was also there and I could not resist driving the small car. This car had everything that a normal car has: steering, brake pedal, and accelerator. I wanted to avoid hitting other cars. However, that never happened. I bumped on to so many cars. However, the good thing is that there were no accusations or fighting among each other. Everyone enjoyed being hit. I took this ride at least 5 times.

I saw a small white battery operated vehicle going at a moderate pace. I climbed it cautiously. The vehicle took me all around the amusement park. I considered myself royal and praised the almighty.

I took many rides later. However, I am not going to write about them here. I want you to yourself visit this magnificent park and enjoy all the rides. You will surely experience immense thrill and adventure.


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